Reservation System

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Other than the online reservation system, non-holiday group reservation is also available via Customer Service Center.

Service Online Reservation Service Customer Service Center
Notice for Reservations Reservation can be made with 2 months in advance of the desired date. The online reservation system will not accept any room reservation made within two days of the check-in day. The room reservation service starts from 8:00 a.m. every day.
Each reservation order covers 1 day, with 2 double rooms or 1 room of other room types at maximum.
*non-holiday reservation for groups.
*reservation advisory.

*For reservations within two days, please contact Taipingshan Villadirectly.
Tel:+886-3-980-9805~8 ext. 9
Notice for Prices Fridays, Saturdays, consecutive holidays and winter/summer vacations are counted as holidays and no discount is offered; for other days (non-holidays), we offer 20% off discounts.
Business Hours The reservation service is open during 08:00~23:50 every day.
Reservation inquiry/cancellation can be made anytime.
Customer Service Center
8:00~12:00; 13:00~17:00
Taipingshan Villa

We offer two villas for accommodation: TaipingshanVilla and Cueifong Villa.
Taipingshan Villa is located in Taipingshan Area and is more convenient. Cueifong Villa is closer to Cueifong Lake and Taiwan Beech Trail. The power of Cueifong Villa is cut during specific timeseveryday, thus offering a chance to be alone with nature.

Name Taipingshan Villa
Room Type Red Cypress House /
China Fir House
Taiwania House Taiwan Cypress House Incense Cedar House
Double Room Double Room with Extra Bed Quad Room Group Room for 4 ppl Group Room for 6 ppl Group Room for 8 ppl Double Room Quad Room Group Room for 4 ppl Double Room Bunk bed in 4-bed Dormitory Room
Price/Holiday(NT$) 3,900 4,730 6,200 5,400 7,700 9,800 4,600 7,400 6,400 3,900 1,200
Name Cueifong Villa
Room Type Double Room Double Room with Extra Bed Group Room for 8 ppl
Price/Holiday(NT$) 3,600 4,430 9,800
Important Notice for Hotel Rooms
  • A dinner, a breakfast and service charges are included in the room fee. Taipingshan villa: check-in time is after 15:00 and the check-out time is before 11:00. Cueifong villa: check-in time is after 14:00 and the check-out time is before 10:00.
  • Tickets for Taipingshan Natioal Forest Recreation Area are NOT INCLUDED in the room fee. Tickets Information
  • Only cash is accepted in Cueifong Villa. If you want to pay via credit cards, please finish the payment at the Information Center of Taipingshan Villa before check-in in Cueifong Villa.
  • To better protect the environment, we do not provide bath towels, disposable toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, combs or shower caps.
  • If you are not able to arrive before 17:00, please inform us with your arrival time in advance.
    Taipingshan Villa: (Tel.) +886-3-9809805~8 ext. 9
    Cueifong Villa: (Tel.) +886-963-357199
  • Reservation Cancellation: 0%~100% of the advance payment will be returned after the cancellation. The returned amount is decided according to rules of Tourism Bureau. (For detailed information)
  • Advance Payment: The advance payment of 30% of the total fee should be paid within 3 days via credit cards. Any overdue of unfinished payment will result in reservation cancellation by the system.
  • All the prices listed here are subject to change without notice.
  • The room booking privilege would be suspended for one year if the reservations were automatically cancelled by the reservation system due to failed deposits accumulatively more than 30 rooms within three days, or making calcellations for no reasons accumulatively more than 30 rooms within three months. The right to explain the reservation terms and conditions is reserved.
  • According to the Charges and Fees Act article 8-1 and 10-1-2, the accommodation services in Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area issue receipts (tax-exemption type) only, since July 1 st , 2017.
Important Notice for coming to
Taipingshan National Forest Area
  • Business Hours: holidays: 04:00~20:00; non-holidays: 06:00~20:00
  • Camping, cooking, smoking and pets are not allowed in Taipingshan Area. In the afternoon, here may be dense fog in the mountains, please be careful when driving.
  • Kuo-kuang Bus has one shuttle bus to Taipingshan every Saturday and Sunday. For detailed information, please contact their Yilan Station: +886-3-9384171 or Luodong Station: +886-3-9567505.
  • Only cars that are lower than 5 meters and contain fewer than 9 seats are allowed in Cueifong Scenic Road. Opening Hours of Cueifong Scenic Road: 04:00~16:00.
  • The closest gas station to Taipingshan is Datong Gas Station (No.92, Sec. 1, Taiya Rd., Datong Township, Yilan County; Tel.: +886-3-9-801181). Please check your fuel level.
  • The altitude of Taipingshan Villa is 2000 meters and the temperature is 10°C lower than that on the ground, so please prepare proper outfits. When hiking in the mountains, please wear lighter hiking footwear.
  • Jioujhihze Hot Spring Pool Types: outdoor SPA pools, nude hot spring pools for men or women, and family pools. Business Hours: 09:00~19:00. Restaurant Business Hours: 11:00~18:00.
  • At Jhongjian Visitor Center, a 13-minute video of introduction of the area is played once every hour during 08:30~15:30.